Well done to all our Boxers

Last night saw our lads take on the Shamrocks in the now famous “Hassle in the Castle”. Unfortunately the overall result didn’t go our way, with the lads losing 7 to 4. However, considering we only trained for four weeks and it was our first outing in the “ring”, all our boxers gave a great display and should be proud of their efforts.

Massive respect to our boxers who were

Aaron “Puingeon” Dunne
Brian “Crouch” Dwyer
Gary “Killer” Kelly
Brian “Bro” O’Loughlin
Patrick “The mouth” Murphy
Niall “Horse” O’Loughlin
David “Reggie” Breen
Niall “Smasher” Finn
Stephen “Chesty” Murphy
Paul “Bomber” Farrington
Ray “Fists of stone” Fenlon

A great night, enjoyed by all and who knows with another months training ….