Junior ‘B’ football district final

By Daire Turner:
Final Score 3-05 to 3-10
Absolutely gutted would be the understatement of the year in describing our feeling leaving St. Patricks Park this evening after been beaten by five points in a thrilling district final that went to extra time, Mickey Lynch was looking for another fiver off the fans on the way out of the game such was the entertainment provided by the two teams. Myself and the Shugs could not ask for anymore from our lads who displayed courage, conviction and down right dog ignorance in never giving up throughout the game, Ballyhogue to be fair to them had the better footballers on the night, but it took them an hour and half of football to shake us off, Mark Walshs goal in injury time in normal time to level the game will long be remembered by the fans who turned out in large numbers for this game, the Rabbit Lacey was imperious in the half back line and Niall Finn has emerged as one of the leaders of the team this year. At 47 years of age and going as hard as any 17 year old at the end of extra time, there are no more superlatives to be used to describe Dermot Prendergast, the likes of Sean McCabe, Larry Murphy and Ray O’Brien cannot but gain from playing with such a legend of the club. John Salo and Robbie Breen were our dangermen in the forwards, ably assisted by Mark Walsh and Morgan Gahan, who seems to revel playing in big games this year. Myself and the Shugs decided (one night outside the Harrow) to take on this Junior B football again this year with the goal of winning the district title as a minimum, we fell short this year, and we will sit down with Liam Dunbar, Mary Carton and Reggie Breen to see whether or not our contracts are to be renewed for 2013. We now turn our attention to the Shamrocks tomorrow in the Junior football and also the Junior B hurlers who are playing next Friday night against the Rapps – sow it into ’em lads.
Team was: 1. Sean McCabe 2. Adrian O Dowd 3. Niall Finn 4. Ray O Brien 5. Declan Kelly 6. Paudi Cooney 7. Peadar Lacey 8. Paul Farrington 9. James O Loughlin 10. Aidan Gahan 11. Dermot Prendergast 12. Morgan Gahan 13. John Ivory 14. Michael Ivory 15. Robert Breen Subs: Mark Walsh for Aidan Gahan, Pa Murphy for Michael Ivory, Liam O Loughlin for Paudi Cooney, Laurence Murphy for Declan Kelly, Diarmaid Breen for James O Loughlin