Junior b district Finalists

There are many people who make the grade of Junior b sound even worse by calling it Junior ‘d’. This in fact is doing our lads a dis-service and they proved it with a brilliant second half display last night to reach the district final on a scoreline of 1-15 to 0-07, despite trailing by two at half time. This is the first year i can remember the third team actually having collective training sessions other than those in the Harrow. Our lads have been training twice a week for a good while now, and they are seeing the benefits of it now. Sure its not that long ago when county teams didn’t even train twice a week.

I wasn’t at the game myself but i was told by many that our lads hurled the sh*te out of the Rapps in the second half. We had three additions to our team from the drawn game, Paul Farrington, James O Loughlin and Micheal Somers and surely they must have made a difference. The other semi final is on Thursday night between Ballyhogue and Rathnure. Our lads must be brimming with confidence now and will certainly not fear either team.

Team: 1. Larry Carty 2. Martin Sweeney 3. Declan Kelly 4. Anthony Dempsey 5. Padraig Stafford 6. Barry Miller 7. Michael Stafford 8. Diarmaid Breen 9. James O Loughlin 10. Peadar Leacy 11. Michael Ivory 12. Adrian O Dowd 13. Morgan Rowsome 14. Paul Farrington 15. Michéal Somers  Subs: John Murphy for Micheal Somers, Conor Doyle for Morgan Rowsome .