Minor Hurling v Duffry Rovers

The minors hurlers lost out to the Duffry Rovers tonight in their latest hurling fixture by 4-07 to 0-07. The bad conditions made goalkeeping very difficult and as a result the Duffry got the goals needed to win on this occasion.

Team was:

1. Shane Gahan

2. Jamie O Brien

3. Ian Hawkins

4. Ryan Breen

5. Gary Ennett

6. Ben Doyle

7. Graham O Reilly

8. Sean Roche

9. Mark Gahan

10. Camen O Brien

11. Robbie Donnelly

12. James Walshe

13. Conor Doyle

Subs: Cian allen for Conor Doyle

William Murphy for Camen O Brien

Camen O Brien for Ian Hawkins

Scores: Graham O Reilly 0-04, Robbie Donnelly 0-03