Intermediate Camogie Match Details 2014

Intermediate League 2014

Date Game Details

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Location Time

31 Mar Monageer/Boolvogue v’s St. Martins Monageer 6.45pm

28 Apr Monageer/Boolvogue Bye

the25 Oct St. Ibars/Shels v’s Monageer/Boolvogue St. Ibars 11am

to01 Nov Monageer/Boolvogue v’s Gorey Monageer 11am

08 Nov Blackwater v’s Monageer/Boolvogue Blackwater 11am

15 Nov Final


Intermediate Championship 2014

Date Game Details Location Time

24 Jun St. Martins v’s Monageer/Boolvogue v’s St. Martins 7pm

07 Jul Monageer/Boolvogue v’s Blackwater Monageer 7pm

22 Jul St. Ibars/Shels v’s Monageer/Boolavogue St. Ibars 7pm

19 Aug Monageer/Boolvogue v’s Gorey Monageer 7pm

07 Sep Monageer/Boolvogue Bye

04 Oct Semi-Final

11 Oct Final