Biggest Loser Race Results

The Race results for the Biggest Loser competition are in and can be viewed below. Everyone who participated in this event and throughout the events during the whole competition should be congratulated for helping to

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motivate the people of Monageer and Boolavogue to get out there and be active. Kevin Murphy from Team Stephen came in with the fastest time of 27.12.

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Biggest Loser
Race Times
Competitor Team Time
Kevin Murphy Stephen 27.12
Conaill Cooper Fiona 28.05
John Foley Frank 29.34
Paul Gahan Reggie 32.00
Shane Kehoe Fiona 33.34
Stephen Murphy John 34.10
Larry Murphy John 34.22
Liam Gahan Bool Donny 34.31
James Gahan Reggie 34.58
Mick Sweeney Reggie 35.06
Aidan Gahan Donny 35.10
Siobhan O Shea Stephen 35.32
James Sweeney Daire 35.56
James Heffernan Fiona 36.40
Patrick Walsh Donny 36.48
Bryan Dwyer Jnr Denis 36.51
Brian O Loughlin Donny 37.00
Niall O Loughlin Donny 37.00
Declan Kelly Daire 37.12
John O Loughlin Daire 37.24
Liam Gahan Bridget 37.33
Anna Muprhy Reggie 37.43
Austin Codd Tom 37.44
Podge Stafford Frank 38.01
Paddy Breen Tom 38.27
Colm O Loughlin Reggie 38.30
Jean Mernagh Bridget 38.32
Rita Dempsey Fiona 38.44
Martina O Sullivan Stephen 38.49
Niall O Reilly Donny 38.53
Denis Walsh Denis 38.54
Damien Fenlon Stephen 38.54
Micheal Gahan Reggie 39.02
Daire Walsh Donny 39.20
Peter Mernagh Fiona 39.25
Sean McCabe Frank 39.52
John Carton Fiona 39.54
Adrian O Dowd Denis 40.14
Aidan Gahan Daire 40.26
Roisin Cooper Stephen 40.36
Daire Turner Daire 40.47
Micheal Stafford Donny 40.57
Catherine O Loughlin John 40.57
Paul Fenlon John 41.44
Keith Swaine Denis 41.50
Peter Nolan John 42.18
Tommy Breen Tom 42.45
Barry Millar Stephen 42.56
PJ O Connor Fiona 42.57
Sean Mernagh Bridget 43.02
Julie Dunne Fiona 43.04
Mary Carton Fiona 43.12
Colin Hawkins Fiona 43.18
Jimmy Gahan Daire 43.30
Nuria Nolan Frank 43.38
Michelle Laffen Daire 43.50
Martina Ivory Donny 43.53
Dawn Thomas Bridget 44.05
Orla Gahan Fiona 44.09
Donny Walsh Donny 44.33
Sean Doran Donny 44.33
Liam Houlihan Bridget 44.52
David Breen Reggie 45.21
Jonathon Dunne Tom 45.42
Marie Moore Stephen 45.45
Niamh Kehoe Reggie 45.54
Rosemary O Loughlin Tom 45.54
Johanna Breen Tom 45.58
Fiona Gahan Fiona 46.01
Ciara Gahan Fiona 46.11
Claire Mernagh Reggie 46.11
Ray O Brien Bridget 47.05
Ed Rowsome Frank 47.35
Bridget Sinnott Bridget 47.41
Bridget O Loughlin Donny 47.50
Anthony Dempsey Frank 47.50
Sinead Kehoe Frank 48.20
Eleanor Bolger camogie 48.33
Jimmy Duck Gahan Tom 48.34
Joanne Codd Tom 48.57
Niamh O Loughlin Tom 48.57
Geraldine Gahan Tom 49.11
Aileen Dempsey Reggie 49.19
Breda Sweeney Donny 49.25
Aoife Nolan Denis 50.00
Ciaran Fenlon Denis 50.00
Liam Dunbar Tom 50.10
Yvonne Sweeney Daire 50.22
Michelle Kennedy Fiona 50.22
Eamonn Walsh Bridget 50.24
Frank Kehoe Frank 51.44
Kathleen Dwyer Denis 52.32
Barry Sinnott Donny 52.42
Brenda Murphy John 53.14
Josephine O Sullivan Stephen 53.34
Laura Daly Fiona 54.24
Stephen Fitzgerald Daire 55.20
PJ Farrell Stephen 55.20
Eithne Murphy Stephen 55.46
Roisin Fenlon Camogie 57.45
Sarah Sweeney Fiona 57.45
Aoife Kehoe Frank 57.45
Stephen O Leary Stephen 58.34
Stephen Levingstone Stephen 58.40
Noel Kinsella Bridget 61.49
Gillian Hendrick Stephen 61.49
Bertha Gahan Bridget 62.44
Emer McCabe Frank 62.44
John Murphy John 64.00
Lisa Stafford Frank 64.08
Rachell Shorthall Stephen 64.22
Fiona Turner Daire 64.46
Bryan Dwyer Denis 65.28
Ellen Gahan Donny 65.36
Michelle Gahan Donny 65.36
Laura Johnson Donny 66.32
Bernie Flood Donny 66.48
Bridget Walsh Donny 66.48
Catheirne Doran Donny 66.48
Lorraine Dempsey Frank 67.24
Catherine O Brien Stephen 71.11
Orla Redmond camogie 72.14
Grainne McCabe Stephen 72.14
Kelly Swaine Denis 73.15
Lara McCann Denis 73.15
Eleanor Fenlon Denis 74.00
Niamh Stafford Stephen 74.00
Claire Roche Daire 74.44
Antoinette Murphy John 74.44
Rita McCabe Stephen 75.57
Bernie Murphy John 76.56
Shay O Brien Stephen 77.01
Anna Mai Daly Tom 82.28
Frances Murphy Tom 82.28
Andy Fenlon Denis 85.19
Martin Breen Reggie 85.19
Tom Breen Tom 85.19
Martina Murphy John 86.46
Kathleen Murphy Frank 87.32
Ann Kehoe Reggie 87.32
Rose Breen Tom 87.32
Aidan Fenlon Denis pulled up 0.00