Biggest Loser Events

1. Group Weigh in on Sunday 17th January @ 6.00 pm in Complex

2. Assault Course on Sunday 31st January @ 2.00 pm

3.  Fun Cycle on Sunday 14th February @ 2.00 pm – starting at Complex – 2 routes – 16km and 40 km

4.  Road Run/Walk on Saturday/Sunday the 27th/28th Feb @ 2.00 pm. from GAA Complex, Tinnacross, The Harrow and finish at Boolavogue Church – All team members must complete this event. – there is also a short walk from the Grotto to Church on the Sunday.

5.  Sponsorship money to be collected in Complex on Friday 4th March.

6.  Final Weigh in on Saturday 5th March in the Monageer Tavern and winning team to be announced.

Other Information:

There will be training one night a week with the leaders at the pitch.

Lights are on the walking track at pitch form 5.00 to 9.30 pm each night including Saturday and Sunday.