Biggest Loser 2015 Poem

The Biggest Loser has been a successful format in raising some money and losing some FAT! how long does it cialis take to kick in Anne Fenlon came aboard the Committee, She’d experience in various roles. And with the Square, The Cartons & Bridget, we were not short of know it alls!

Andy Fenlon returned this year as a Leader, He is now down to half a bale of silage in his round feeder. As a selector with the juveniles, Andy would often stand in the goal, and the big oilean broke his wrist saving a ball!

Rose Breen is taking the competition seriously this year, She has given up the sweets and cut down on the Beer! There was underhand tactic’s though, that must be brought up with the committee, as Martina Murphy kept arriving over with cakes and buns for me!

When Ollie Gahan started singing, most people hid, as he sounded like a Tom Cat with his balls caught in a creamery can lid! He thought that his duet could not be any worse, but that was before he heard Dec Kelly squaking, of course!

Last weekend was a milestone birthday for Julie Dunne, We are sure she had a few drinks and loads of fun. Johnny told the babysitter “We’ll be back on Sunday morning as celebrex reviews they headed down to Waterford to do a bit of sawing.

Orla Stafford is ultra competitive in everything she does, And Matt had to train hard also as to Orla he couldn’t lose! Strict diets were implemented and major investments were made in gear, As Matt bought a pair of runners for the first time in ten years.

Yvonne Sweeney missed two events as she’d a course to do we were told, The truth according to Murt was she just didn’t bother her hole! Even missing two events didn’t make Yvonne the laziest in our crowd, as that title went to a sleepy hoor called Adrian O Dowd!

The Duck Gahan broke down recently with an Achilles injury, He’ll have to get a bandage for it now to match the aul one on his knee. Geraldine said “you are an eegit and you are no longer a young man” The Duck said “sure I must like hardship as I did marry a cousin’s of Barnaglan.

When Tom Nolan became a leader he gathered his team and said, “we’ll bring this Biggest Loser Title back home to Killabeg”. After a long career in the ESB, Tom has recently retired, but he sometimes goes down to his Adman Steel Shed to play with his wire!

When asked to lead the Tinnacross Team, Orla Gahan couldn’t say no! With the Biggest Loser and nexium generic training young lads she is always on the go! The Gahan women are quite hardy, they can give and take Thumps, but Jaysus don’t ask Orla Gahan to give you the Birthday bumps!

Last month Mag Ellix was crowned the Harrowvision Winner, But Mark reckons that there’d be a jackdaw who’d be a better singer! Mag met with Niall and Bridget to come up with a training plan, It didn’t start that night obviously as she got as drunk as Ballyanne!

The aul Hern has recently purchased a new King Size bed, he’s going to sell the lorry and ride full time instead! The Hern and Locky are joining forces next year, I heard it on the news, as the Club tries to run a half dozen Cheltenham Previews!

When refereeing on the Field, John Carton is always right, The truth of it is though, he wouldn’t ref a good cockfight. The Cartons are big into training be it cycling, running or walking, John has to up the speed though to get Mary to stop talking!

Well done to all who took part in the Biggest Loser this year, We can all relax and celebrate now with a pint of Beer! Hopefully everyone involved will keep the Training up and Maybe lipitor dosage the Players will bring home The County Final Cup!